Toledo Café

A warm and friendly place that will always awaits you with a fresh and aromatic coffee that needs to be served with friends.

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Toledo Restaurant

The Restaurant Toledo awaits you in a romantic and elegant atmosphere where you can relish an international menu that is served only in selected restaurants across Europe

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Preparate cu specific mediteranian.

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The place

Toledo Cluj-Napoca represents the place of meeting between art, passion and a great experience in the fields of restaurants and coffee houses. It is a wish came true for some great people that wanted to bring in Romania the same high quality services as you can find in western cultures. It is... Read more

The Coffee House

Toledo Café is a place for friends and business man, a stop in the everyday's rush, a place where you can enjoy a good coffee, maybe the best in Cluj-Napoca, in a relaxing and artistic atmosphere. Here you may have a refreshing beverage or an exquisite cocktail, you can have your breakfast or a brunch and a high quality service. Read more

The Restaurant

Toledo, the restaurant,has been founded on the idea that here you can serve food that can not be prepared at home, traditionally, because you need a superior level of knowledge, years of dedication and hard work. It is a place where you can have a multinational trip without leaving your table... Read more

The Blog

Having and promoting a healthy lifestyle and a quality life is an attitude in our opinion. We want to spread this attitude and therefore we invite you to visit our bilingual blog and to actively involve yourself in discussions. On our blog you can find great articles, tasteful recipes, good music and many other interesting items. Read more

I visited both the Toledo restaurant and coffee house and I remained pleasantly impressed by the warm way that I've been treated and especially by the quality of the food. Phd. Eng. Bogdan Cardos, Cluj-Napoca, 2012