Toledo coffee house

Toledo Coffee HouseToledo Café is a place for friends and business man, a stop in the everyday’s rush, a place where you can enjoy a good coffee, maybe the best in Cluj-Napoca, in a relaxing and artistic atmosphere. Here you may have a refreshing beverage or an exquisite cocktail, you can have your breakfast or a brunch and a high quality service. Our complete offer cand be found in the coffee house’s menu, a menu that is different that the one of the restaurant, both on the bar part as well as on the gastronomical part.

Cluj-Napoca is a hystorical city, with a unique personality, with many markets and streets filled with many coffee houses that try to satisfy peoples appetite for a good coffee a quality time spent with friends, lovers, colleagues , family or business partners. Toledo Café offers more than 25 varieties of coffee and coffee specialties, offering the clients to feel different cultures in a cup.

Toledo Coffee House

Even though it is a coffee house, our bar offer includes includes a great variety of  o teas, refreshing beverages, numerous cocktails prepared by their original recipes with great care and passions by some of the best local bartenders. Furthermore, here you have the possibility to have a delicious meal at any hour during the day or the evening. As it can be seen in our menu, our food offer is diversified serving an international area more than a specific one. Our wish is to offer our clients the possibility to have culinary journeys without leaving the city.

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