The restaurant

Toledo, the restaurant,has been founded on the idea that here you can serve food that can not be prepared at home, traditionally, because you need a superior level of knowledge, years of dedication and hard work. It is a place where you can have an international journey without leaving your table. The main characteristics of our recipe book are: the fact that it covers dishes from many countries and the fact that is dynamic because from time to time we focus more on one area than the others. Currently, due to the fact that our expertise in this area has been achieved on The Iberian Coast, we are focused on Spanish dishes. In the near future we shall change the focus on a different country, but this you shall notice in our newsletters. In our restaurant you can enjoy o series of dishes that are cooked with skill, passion and love.

Within the restaurant, we proud ourselves with:
  • A diversified a-la-carte menu.
  • A great quality of services and products.
  • A warm and romantic atmosphere.
  • An international cuisine.
  • A fine selection of wines.
  • The exclusivity of serving dishes at international standards.
  • A great interest for details.
  • Our care for customers and their feedback.

We are looking forward for your visit. For us, quality always comes first and this fact can not only be verified, but it can also be tasted!